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The oldest written document on the massage (5000 years BC. N. š.) Represents Ebersov Papirusa in Egypt. Even the origin of the name itself proves that there is a great history Come on. Cradle of massage in sport, Greece. The word massage is most likely. Derived from the Greek word mass (hug, Gnesta). The verbal root occurs also in Arabic (by weight), in Latin (massa), the French word masseuse and know - Act cases, the smear, sleek and tight. The second oldest document resulting from China. In kanonu Nei Thing Wen Son to be likely to wrote Houang these (about 3700 BC. n. š.) massage and gymnastics are part of aktivity - you to care for a healthy body. China Paper classic internal medicine Yellow Emperor in 2700 BC. n. N. recommends breathing exercises, massage, skin and the muscles and the exercises for the hands and feet in the event of illness, such as paralysis,
podhladitev and fever. Even in the area of India originate information about the massage, about 4000 years old. In Greece, the massage is transferred from Egypt. The Greek physician Hippocrates is already aware of the different effects of massage, which is reached with different approaches and procedures. It noted that with the appropriate massage-released these tense muscles and strengthen weak, but is also aware of the beneficial effects massage on the blood circulation, insomnia, on the rehabilitation of injuries. Hippocrates in his Parts massage describes as "anatripis" which in Greek means the therapy of rubbing. Greece was the first country where he began to massage in the different types of exercise and sport. The tradition and interest in the massage lasts until today.


Massage may be defined as the operation of mechanical and soft structures in the the human body to prevent or alleviate pain, malaise, my - šične spasms and stress. Massage could say the art of touch, because it is the Masirah which, in some ways, also an artist. Touch has a very big psychological effect and gives us a sense of caring for those missing, which is very important component in the treatment.

Massage positive impact on:

- Blood, improves the supply of oxygen throughout the body
- The elimination of toxins from the metabolism
- Muscle tension
- Central nervous system
- Psychological tension
- Mobility decisions ...


Massage is not magic or a cure for all, but part of therapy, which also affects the body and soul. The effect of the massage depends on the techniques of massage. Massage initially work on the skin, which is blood circulation, improve the skin breath, relax the skin glands. Improves the condition of the skin and its physiological functions, the skin becomes more flexible and more resistant. Increasing blood and lymphatic circulation to facilitate the outflow of excess water and products of metabolism to the sieve body. The massage can be of - hand swelling, increase the flexibility of the envelopes and thus maintained good flexibility. The massage also contributes to muscle tone, whereas in muscle improve the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and also improves conditions for muscle activity. If fatigue is present the whole body, massage is not performed before and after 3O minutes of action. The effect on the nervous system considered important activity. When massage is incentive receptors in the skin, subcutaneous, muscle, tendon, ties and in the joints. In the central nervous system then comes to the set certain stimuli and therefore includes all the multiple centers. Thus, the quantity of the resulting reactions and increase the local massage affects the whole body. Quiet (mild) Massage lowers the conductivity of nerves, while the more intensive increase.

Massage works in several ways:

Physiological and MECHANIC

- Strengthen the functioning of the immune system
- Improves blood and lymph circulation
- Improves skin tone
- Raise awareness of the body
- Correct posture
- Increase the metabolism of tissue
- Accelerate the leaching of harmful substances that cause muscle tension and
   fatigue (eg lactic acid)
- Regeneration and nutrition of tissues are better, faster
- Reduced blood pressure and heartbeat frequency
- Improve the respiratory function
- Increases the cellular metabolism (toxins are eliminated)
- Reduce the pain, to eliminate and prevent convulsions
- Increase the volume of movement, muscle flexibility and elasticity of returns
- Increase the capacity of muscle


In the tissues of the release of substances (biochemistry body), and this has the effect of reflex expansion of blood vessels, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen supply to tissues.


Irritation free nerve endings in the skin causes the formation of the electrical im - pulses that affect the central nervous system, which on the whole body. It also to stimulate receptors in the skin and subcutaneous, muscle and kitah, the conclusions and of envelopes. Consequently, decrease tension and pain, increases the overlap vavitev, improve the nutrition of cells.


The psychological effect is related to the most vulnerable human čutom, touch. From time immemorial man reacts to the touch. In the massage hands are those which establish stavljamo contact with humans. Most, which can thus obtain a masseur, is confidence. The touch is also linked to the overall comfort, a man feels after the massage,
rises to self, calm man, physically and mentally relax and he also returned or renewed will and pleasure to work and live.


- High efficiency
- Total security
- Availability of methods
- The universality of the method
- Ease of use


Situation, where the massage can be used as complementary therapy (prior to the implementation of the massage is good to consult with the experts):

- Chronic muscle pain or Final
- Symptoms muscle tension
- Chronically tired muscles
- Unknown status of "carried over pain" (as an example. Tense neck, headache).
- Asthma and bronchitis
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Chronic and acute pain
- Gastrointestinal disorders (including how many bowel, constipation, diarrhea)
- Immune disorders
- Insomnia
- Reduced volume of movement
- Sports injuries ...


Contraindications in this case means "forbidden" or "not recommended". Always we must be aware that massage in some cases very dangerous, can restore the old health problems.


Massage the entire body does not run in the following cases:

- Depression, high congestion in the body
- After the acute injury the locomotor system (after the first 48 hours)
- Inflammation of the muscular
- Bacterial disease
- A viral disease
- Fever
- Cancer
- Immediately after a meal (after the first 2 hours) 

Commission for sport climbing

1. Blanka Hošková, massage knows sportu
     Vydalo nakladatelstvi Olympia a.s.
     Klimentska 1, Praha 1, 2000

2. Mag.David Ravnik, Massage Arts
     Collection of contents of basic courses in 2001 - 2004
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