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Massage tools

Hygienic, clean towels, Oil & Cream & sheets paper - AYUVREDA (single use).
All products are 100% NATURAL
If you prefer, you can use your own stuff!

all kinds of massage is full body massage (except for 30 minut massage) & done on the floor with matras




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The location behind the Caffe Bar ''Žogica''
Free parking lot in the front of  massage salon
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Massage tools
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Massage tools
Hygienic & clean towels and sheets
Balm, creams and oil
-Chamomilla sensitive footbalm
-Chamomilla sensitive hand cream
-Carotene active regenerative facial cream
-Chocomintmask for the body


Herbs & essential oils
Basic massagge oil
Classic massage oil
Oil for physiotherapy
Oil for Thai massage
Oil for Indonesian massage Specialmassage oil
Face oil collection Aromatherapy oil
Essense and Sense therapy
'' chakra '' essential oils'' ayurveda '' essential oils
All products are 100% NATURAL
Type of massage
Indonesian massage
Thai massage
Cupping therapy
Ayurveda massage
Paint relief massage
Reflexology massage
Classic / Swiss massage
Manual lymphatic drainage massage
Anticelullite massage
Prenatal massage
Face massage
Back massage
Masaža hrbta

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